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Fibercraft’s New Website is Here!

December 23rd, 2015 by Fibercraft

Old Fibercraft siteTime for a Tune Up

Let’s face it our old site was a digital rust bucket. From the outdated colors to the rudimentary textures, the old Fibercraft website was not aging gracefully. Luckily, our friends at OCG Creative stepped in and worked their magic.


Don’t Cling to a Clunker

Our old website chugged along at a snail’s pace when loading due to large imagery and un-optimized performance. It was also a hassle to visit the site on a mobile phone or tablet because the interface wouldn’t adjust to a smaller screen properly, resulting in a cumbersome experience.

New Fibercraft websiteNew and Shiny

Fast forward to today! Not only is the website faster and more rich with content for an enjoyable user experience, but Fibercraft’s site is now optimized for mobile. That means you can visit our site on phones and tablets, and it will reform to your screen size as if it was an app. Try it out now!

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