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2017 Fibercraft Potluck Barbeque

August 15th, 2017 by Fibercraft

As a local business, we find it important to give back to the customers who have been with us for years, and that’s why Fibercraft hosts its annual potluck barbeque. The barbeque is taken on the first Tuesday of every August, which is in sync with the beginning of the Hot August Nights. Starting around 5, hamburgers, hotdogs and various side dishes that are kindly brought by the community, are served, and the VW community discusses regarding everyone’s unique projects. Around 7, the big cruise starts and the estimated 100+ cars cruise down to the Victorian Avenue, where a crowd and other hot rods await for pure awesomeness. The night concludes with all the vdubs parking in the grass section of the drive thru restaurant, A&W, where a awesome root beer float awaits. Once again, Fibercraft wants to give a big thanks to all our customers, and to those who came down to cruise! All of these photos (except for Collin’s baja in the grass) were taken Mark Santistevan.

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