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About Us

Picture the landscape, 1967.

Pop culture is evolving and social norms are shifting, inspiring a wave of creative freedom. Among those changes, was a growing interest in recreational travel. The inexpensive trend of building fiberglass dune buggies was becoming increasingly popular. Jake LaFluer, a young visionary, discovered a valuable opportunity and jumped on it.

The legacy of Fibercraft was born.

Initially, LaFluer modeled his business as a dune buggy manufacturer. He opened up shop in Reno, Nevada and distributed a variety of fiberglass models. The beginning of the 70’s created a shift in demand. LaFluer noticed parts were being purchased more frequently than bodies, so he redirected his focus. He enhanced the quality of his stock, expanding to include high performance parts from Bugpack, Empi and Weber carburetors. This proved profitable during the 1970’s “Gas Wars”, as the economical Volkswagen was a hot commodity for drivers.

Almost 40 years later, Fibercraft is still serving the same kind of adventure-seekers who inspired LaFluer in 1967. Our company provides top quality performance parts for every type of off-roading experience. We specialize in our craft and commit to empowering our clients to get out and have some fun. Fibercraft is more than just a classic brand; it’s a lifestyle.

If you’re ready to hit the terrain, then you’ve come to the perfect place.